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The Cykometrix 7 (CKM7)

These 7-character traits have been chosen because they best measure the characteristics of an effective team member. Companies are looking for employees that can work effectively on projects with others. Investors always invest in effective teams that can prove they can remain effective under stress. Our 7 character traits (the  CykoMetrix 7) home in on what makes a person the best possible team member.

A team member with high scores in all 7 (thus a high Quality Score) is ideal for inclusion in any team. However, human beings are complex creatures. Each of the CykoMetrix characteristics include over a dozen measurements, some of which overlap, so improving one part of ourselves will often increase several CykoMetrix simultaneously. Organizational leadership should strive to provide team members and team leaders the tools they need to increase these scores and in so doing, increase the team member’s appeal to employers, partners, and investors.


This is a person's ability to reason, to solve problems, to comprehend quantitative concepts, to think visually, and a person's ability to perform deductive tasks while under pressure and maintaining a decent level of creativity. This characteristic is most useful when you need to understand complex systems, how different elements relate to each other, and find solutions to difficult problems.

Related to: Openness, imaginative, and curious.

Opposites: Closed-minded, uncreative, and uninterested.



Empathy measures a person's ability to recognize, control and use emotions to maintain morale in a team even in stressful conditions. This characteristic also includes a person’s ability to communicate non-verbally and verbally. A person with a high Empathy score will be able to express ideas clearly through a variety of means to ensure effective conveyance of information and understand team members clearly even while under duress.

Related to: Enthusiastic, stable, and resilient.

Opposites: Apathetic, unstable, and vulnerable.



Execution is a person’s ability to plan, track achievements, and deliberately accomplish objectives. The Execution characteristic also includes a person's ability to empower others to execute a group strategy, and a person's general ability to take good decisions. A person with a high Execution score achieves goals set and will effectively direct others to do the same.

Related to: Supportive, accomplished, and effective

Opposites: Discouraging, incompetent, and ineffective



Dependability measures a person's reliability to others. This characteristic has within it one's ability to follow through on commitments and just how steadfast a person is in stressful situations. A person with a high Dependability score is accountable to others and doesn't let himself or herself down.

Related to: Trustworthy, reliable, and loyal

Opposites: Untrustworthy, unreliable, and disloyal



The Collaboration trait measures a person's ability to work through problems supporting and being supported by others. This trait is synonymous with teamwork but also includes emotional connectedness with colleagues. A person with a high Collaboration score will thrive in a team environment to accomplish set goals bringing along the whole team for a win.

Related to: Cooperative, communicative, and symbiotic.

Opposites: Uncooperative, uncommunicative, and independent.



High Presence individuals inspire confidence in others through their force of charisma and can change other's opinions by their actions. The Presence trait also includes the ability to recognize other people's successes and failures . A person with high Presence is comfortable being unique and is usually the one first to act openly when a team member needs recognition.

Related to: Persuasive, influential, and empowering.

Opposites: Impotent, insignificant, and inhibiting.



Leadership measures a person's ability to get others to follow them through words or deeds. This characteristic includes a person's ability to inspire others to act according to their own inner motivations. A person with a high Leadership score will cause others in a team to drive towards collective and personal goals, engaging team members to work collectively towards a goal.

Related to: Passionate, competent, and efficient.

Opposites: Dispassionate, incompetent, inefficient.