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Frequently Asked Questions

Because sometimes, the answer can be written down.

Questions & Answers

Q1:  Where can I find pricing for this service?

A1:  We charge our clients on a per seat per month basis.  We currently only offer a single package with all reports and features included, but we determine price based on the number of seats your clients use and the duration of the subscription.  The more seats purchased, the cheaper it is per seat.  The longer the subscription (up to 24 months), the lower the invoice.  Also, our clients, being Value Added Resellers (VARs), receive a 20% or higher rebate based on different factors to be discussed.  Contact us and we'll provide a quote based on your specific needs.  The best part though is that we only invoice you, not your clients.  You may invoice your client organizations yourself and can include the cost of CykoMetrix into your training, consulting or recruiting services.  

Q2:  What if my organization wants to use the service?

A2:  If you are just seeking to use CykoMetrix to improve and track your own organization's team effectiveness, we'll help you with that by introducing you to one of our existing Value Added Resellers (VARs).  Our VARs have already been trained in onboarding others onto our system, are Certified CykoMetrix Trainers capable of helping you read the dozens of reports in the system and often will offer trainings uniquely tailored what the reports will uncover about your staff's needs to improve.  Alternatively, if you already have a software or SaaS VAR you'd want us to integrate with so you can keep using the same services and salespeople as before, we'll make that arrangement for you and you'll soon thereafter use CykoMetrix as part of your existing training program.

Q3:  How often do you add features and reports to the system?

A3:  We update the system for various reasons, including new features, new user interfaces, new reports and other on a quarterly basis with larger updates less frequently.  This is not a guarantee but we try to add more useful features to the system soon after we receive feedback from customers or learn of something useful to our customers in the psychometric space.

Q4:  I like your services as it is but I'd like to see a new feature added.  Will you take feedback from your clients and users?

A4:  We work hand in hand with our VARs, who take their cues from their client organization's needs.  So, we always try to add requested features as soon as possible, either exclusively for a VAR or offered to all VARs.  Contact us for more information about how we can integrate the feature you would like to see.  We're always listening.

Q5:  Can I just take one test for my team and pay for a single use?

A5:  We know most psychometric test services charge on a per report basis, or charge for a report and offer consultation at a one time cost.  CykoMetrix always works through its resellers (VARs) who may offer this to you if they wish, but CykoMetrix is meant to be a continuous companion to a team's progress and offers reporting graphs and indicators based on current or past data and benchmarks too.  We offer a service where the data collected during assessments can be used in quasi-infinite number of ways to offer benefits even in surprise circumstances, like the need to hire someone new between trainings, to diagnose a company's values or a company's culture, as an analysis tool showing changes in time within teams, to compare your client's team or company to an industry, a region or against demographic segments.  The service is data flexible so your clients find it valuable all the time and you, the VAR, are the company they call to consult with when they find something that needs adjustments.  Contact your software VAR and ask them to become a CykoMetrix reseller and they can help you with a suitable use model.

Q6:  One of my clients wants to stop using our services and we have a one year CykoMetrix subscription for them.  Can we get out of the subscription?

A6:  We'll always try to help our VARs when unpredictable things happen.  Typically we wouldn't terminate a subscription, but we can easily shift seats from one customer to another that needs to use them for assessments and in extreme cases, we can make other arrangements.  We assume our VARs will anticipate changes and will manage the seats they have accordingly.

Q7:  The service is down or isn't working properly.  What should we do?

A7:  First, check to make sure it isn't something out of our control, like a client's Internet Service Provider (ISP) problem, or if the issue is only seen by a single individual, which may indicate the issue is on a single computer or local network.  If the issue is indeed across the service, please contact your CykoMetrix representative immediately so we can check and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Q8:  My client (or my organization) wants to decrease the number of seats in use or change a client's subscription length.  How can I make those changes?

A8:  We purposefully did not add options in your administrative dashboard to avoid seeing situations where VARs constantly shift seats from one client to the other to save on subscription.  This behavior is unfair to us.  However, we do understand clients can ask for such reductions and in those cases, we will accommodate our VAR in good faith.  Simply contact your CykoMetrix representative and we'll make reasonable and fair changes that will suit the situation.

Q9:  One of my client's team member can no longer log into his or her account.  Who should I contact?

A9:  Contact your CykoMetrix representative and we'll help.

Q10:  I'm an existing customer/VAR using CykoMetrix and I would like to refer to you another organization or VAR that would like to use you.  Can we benefit from the introduction?

A10:  Absolutely.  At CykoMetrix, we want to have as many people happily subscribed to our  service as possible.  Therefore, we encourage introductions in one of two ways:  1.  if the organization in question would use your training/consultation system, they can become your client in our database, which would allow you to become a VAR, and get the CykoMetrix service at a rebate (typically 20% off the top)  and invoice the new client any way you'd like (absorbing cost and selling your training with additional charges included, charging full price to get a profit margin, or any other business model you'd like.  It is your client).  2. if it is more a straight referral independent from you, we'll provide a 20% referral kickback arrangement for any CykoMetrix income we make from this new organization.  Contact us if you need further details.

Q11: What set of traits and soft skills does the core CykoMetrix reports measure?

A11: As of 2021, the Individual Report and Team Health Reports measure and output the following list of variables.  Many of them are directly assessed through tests (Adapted IQ, EQ and Jungian personality) while several others are derived from those core high-alpha variables:

Quantitative Reasoning --- Logical Reasoning --- Visual Processing --- Speed Processing --- Overall Intelligence --- Extraversion --- Agreeableness --- Conscientiousness --- Neuroticism --- Imagination --- Personality Introversion --- Personality Sensing --- Personality Feeling --- Personality Judging --- Overall Personality Dichotomies --- Cognition --- Leadership --- Collaboration --- Presence --- Empathy --- Execution --- Dependability --- Overall Quality --- Compassion --- Irritability --- Sociability --- Well-Being --- Sensation Seeking --- Anxiety --- Honesty --- Industriousness --- Intellect --- Creativity --- Impulsivity --- Attention Seeking --- Orderliness --- Authoritarianism --- Charisma --- Trust --- Humor --- Emotional Expressiveness --- Introspection --- Perfectionism --- Self Control --- Conformity --- Adaptability --- Easy-Goingness --- Emotional Stability --- Emotional Awareness of Self --- Emotional Awareness of Others --- Use of Emotion --- Regulation of Emotion --- Emotional Intelligence - Counterproductive Work Behavior --- Job Stickiness --- Stress Tolerance --- Organizational Citizenship --- Job Satisfaction --- Turnover Intention --- Operational Commitment --- Team Climate --- Team Effectiveness --- Leader Empowering Behavior

Q12: What primary research papers does CykoMetrix use to calculate all those traits and soft skills?

A12: Dr. M Condon's research, 2017, which produced the SAPA Personality Inventory .  We've also built our system around published standard Jungian theory on personalities, some components of Intellectual Quotient (logical, visual, quantitative, and speed), and standard Emotional Intelligence tests.  In addition, we've developed our results and additional outputs using over 100 research papers, studies and articles from the fields of psychology, psychometry, human resources and neurobiology.  Here is an example paper that served, in part as a foundation to the CykoMetrix concept showing how combining multiple facets of a person can predict work performance in team environments.

Q13:  How are your tests valid across cultural barriers and avoid gender, racial, and other biases?

A13: The large net of studies integrated into the platform were specifically chosen to help avoid this.  First, our core studies used to build the system has been done using a large set of participants (over 100,000 for Dr Condons work) across various demographics like race, age, marital status, education, employment status, global distribution and others.  Second, there is reasonable consensus among psychologists that standard personality models look stable across all cultures.  McCrae & Terracciano, 2008, has demonstrated that 95% of personality variations occur within cultural boundaries and only 5% across cultures. Poortinga and van Hemert, 2001, have reported a slightly higher effect of culture in studies involving self-reporting along personality, but they found that culture, ethnicity and language have limited influence on personality traits.  Third, we allow our users to self-identify pertinent demographics in an unforced way, with Likert scale data variables with defaults allowing our formulas to function with and without additional demographic data.  These allow us to build our models with and without demographic influences, and we can be sure that our results are not biased towards some cultures, ethnicities or gender.