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For Training /Consulting Companies

Leverage the CMX EffectTM

  • Collect human data intelligence
  • Monitor it over time
  • X-correlate with any other data set to derive new insights

One Platform of Engagement

Continuous Development

  1. Engage your clients with the promise of measuring impact of your consultation & training services using CykoMetrix
  2. Choose the program that most suits the timeline of your engagements with your customer
  3. Use any number of assessments on our human data intelligence platform to benchmark, then reassess your customers over the duration of your engagement (6-mo, 12-mo, 3 years...)
  4. At any time during your engagement you can also generate any number of reports, do combinatory analysis, see how your services has helped your customers.  
  5. Use filters to isolate subgroups of interest and run reports on them.
  6. Show your customer the impact of your consultations via data, tables and graphs automatically prepared for you.