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For Assessment Product Companies

Your Assessments in our Channel Network

We give a healthy return whenever your assessment is used by our channel partners in our assessment marketplace.  They benefit from using your branded assessment, you gain additional sales.

Also, our platform automatically adds a report and drilldown capabilities to your product.

Sell to our Ecosystem of Channel Partners

Generate new Revenues

  1. Provide us with the items, answers, scales and other elements of your assessments and report sample
  2. Your assessments and reports are duplicated in our platform.
  3. Our platform automatically manages assessment distribution to ecosystem of channels through our assessment marketplace at the price point you provide.
  4. Our platform adds the following features to your reports automatically:
    1. Ability to do Pulses: multiple measurements over time and ability to compare between measurements.
    2. Additional analysis and drilldown report
    3. Users can create teams to do "what if" scenarios
    4. Report system can cross-correlate your assessment dimensions with other dimensions in the database to derive new insights
  5. Grain brand exposure (assessment) and revenues from your deployment, monthly.