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Continuous Psychometric Assessment Service

Track a team's psychometrics over time and offer training, consulting, and recruitment services to fit.


Assess, Serve, Repeat

Become an indispensable part of your client's development & improvement cycle

World-Leading:  We Quantify Team Effectiveness

We provide value-added resellers like training, consulting, and staffing companies a service that:

  • Quantifies the effectiveness of individuals and teams
  • Suggests tailored training to improve where teams need it most
  • Tracks testing-service cycles for each client
  • Measure increases in effectiveness & ROI
  • All online, white-labeled and tailored to your needs
  • Show your clients how their staff's effectiveness and soft skills improve thanks to your involvement.


"You take care of the customer.

We take care of the technology!"

Proprietary Assessment Technology

Our assessments collects nearly 60 soft-skill data points, based on traditional and modern psychometric research from a simple 30 minute survey.

Our algorithms combine them to create a 7 characteristics that define an effective team members: Leadership, Cognition, Empathy, Execution, Dependability, Collaboration and Presence.

Improve your client’s team’s Cykometrix and/or compare them to benchmarks.



About Us

Cykometrix is a SaaS based Assessment Company specializing in team optimizations. Leveraging correlations and data from hundreds of psychological research papers, we deliver dynamic, interactive reports illustrating the team strengths and weaknesses.

Our automated online service provides teams and management benchmarks and suggested training to cost-effectively promote team resilience, efficiency, and productivity.

We are the technical team working behind the scenes with service providers. Through our service, our value-added resellers (VARs) can quantify improvements in their client’s existing team dynamics using our native Pulse baselining methodologies, to optimize the personal characteristics of a client’s new employees, and even suggest how to reorganize a client’s existing teams for maximum effectiveness.  

And after your involvement, you can assess your client again, and show them the impact of your training & consultation through powerful and evocative data presentations.

Our system is designed to be white-labeled and integrate our VARs training, custom 360 degree reports and more.

Management Team

James Mackenzie - Chief Executive Officer

Serial entrepreneur since a young age, he founded and co-founded six multi-million-dollar companies over the last decade in technology, pharmaceuticals and human resources sectors. James has studied psychology and continues to push the boundaries of the possible in successful team-building through startups. James is responsible for business development, partnerships, and increasing the value of our services to our customers.

Ross Norrie - Chief Technology Officer

Veteran of the IT and analytics markets, Ross has been starting and growing companies for the past 20 years. In 2000, he created AssetMetrix, an innovative subscription-based business intelligence system which was later sold to a well-known international firm. Ross holds several patents in software, reporting and analytics. For CykoMetrix, he is responsible for the proper development and evolution of our services in the marketplace.

Sylvain Rochon - Chief Marketing Officer

Sylvain has been a serial entrepreneur and master communicator in the entertainment software and multimedia industries for over 15 years. He is the author of one book and over 100 published articles on future economic and social changes. He has been teaching science, math, game design and emotional intelligence courses for over 20 years. Sylvain is responsible for visual and written messaging throughout the CykoMetrix services.  

GJ Hagenaars - Chief Data Officer

GJ has been involved in Ottawa’s high tech industry for over 25 years. Over the years, he has been performing multiple analysis tasks for crown corporations from gap analysis to mind mapping executive sessions, from improving SLA compliance to QA-ing enterprise software and has started multiple businesses of his own. GJ has a master’s degree in mathematics. At CykoMetrix, GJ is responsible for the development of our algorithms and psychology research analysis.